Sainte Marie

The island of Sainte Marie is situated in the Indian Ocean on the East coast of Madagascar. Sainte Marie is often called « The Pirate Island » as it used to be a hiding place for them. Their 18th century cemetery can still be visited today.   

Sainte Marie is a perfect example of the authenticity of Madagascar. It seems like time stands still on this island and the friendliness of its population will delight every visitor.   

Before you realise, you will have adopted the local « mora mora » rhythm.

Île aux Nattes (Nosy Nato) is a tiny little island south of Sainte Marie. It takes a few minutes to cross in a dugout canoe. Every stretch of beach is a postcard. This little island is a jewel of the Indian Ocean.   

From July to September, the waters of Sainte Marie and Île aux Nattes offer a stunning natural show. The Humpback Whales come to Sainte Marie to give birth. It is a perfect place to observe those mammals.   

Although Sainte Marie is not as touristic as Nosy Be, the island offers a large choice of good quality hotels.   

For those who like to load their dreams with images, we made this Photo gallery – Sainte Marie.