The RN7 (to the South)

The RN7 or Route Nationale 7, starts in the capital Antananarivo and runs south-westwards to the sunny harbour city of Tuléar.  

Thanks to a great diversity of landscapes, a large number of touristic highlights and the presence of a wide range of good quality hotels, the RN7 has become the Island’s most popular tour.  

Four National Parks: Ranomafana (rainforest), Andringitra (mountain range), Isalo (eroded canyons) and Zombitse-Vohibasia (dry forest) can be visited along the RN7. Those parks are very different from each other and offer you the chance to discover the immense biodiversity of Madagascar.  

The RN7 crosses 3 of the 6 provinces of Madagascar, allowing you to meet various tribes and discover their fascinating cultures.  

A large choice of hotels and lodges has been built to accommodate travellers on the RN7. This allows us to offer tailor made tours respecting your wishes such as comfort, rhythm and budget.  

All our tours along the RN7 offer a great variety of landscapes and cultures and include different highlights of Madagascar.  

For a wider view of the Island, extensions to the East, the West or the extreme South of Madagascar can be organised.  

Extensions to the spectacular Northern part of Madagascar, the Perfume Island of Nosy Be or the Pirate Island of Sainte Marie are organised for visitors who want to discover another region or just relax a few days after their RN7 tour.  

To get a better idea of the diversity along the RN7, have a look at our Photo gallery – The RN7.