Nosy Be

Nosy Be or « large island » is also known as the « Perfume Island » thanks to its numerous Ylang-Ylang (Cananga odorata) plantations. 

This island enjoys a warm and dry climate throughout the year. 

Nosy Be is more developed for tourism than is the main island of Madagascar. Nowadays, the island gets thousands of visitors from all over the world with direct international flights from France and Italy. 

Nevertheless, visitors who want to explore the surrounding islands will be surprised to find places that are still untouched. 

Divers or scuba-divers will enjoy a visit to the Marine Reserve of Nosy Tanikely. This small island, surrounded by coral reef is situated only a few miles from Nosy Be. It is a true large scale aquarium where hundreds of colourful fish and some species of sea turtles can easily be spotted. 

The region of Nosy Be offers various possibilities of 1-day excursions. We particularly recommend our boat tour to Nosy Iranja, often called the most beautiful island of the Indian Ocean. 

Sailors can explore the bay of Nosy Be or go on a longer journey to the remote Radama or Mitsio Islands. 

People who want to see the bright colours of this region are invited to visit our Photo gallery – Nosy Be.