The North

The spectacular Northern part of Madagascar has a large number of stunning natural sites. The hotel infrastructure of this region has recently been upgraded with good quality hotels and lodges. 

For those reasons, this part of Madagascar is slowly becoming more successful with tourists. 

The North of Madagascar is a place of contrasts where landscapes can change quickly. Nature lovers will particularly enjoy a visit to this part of Madagascar. 

The National Park of The Ankarana is one of the most impressive natural sites of the island. A new network of walking trails has recently been opened, allowing visitors to choose the walk that fits them best. 

Visitors in search of a “different” tour can visit the “Vanilla Triangle”. This beautiful region is situated in the North-eastern part of Madagascar. The Vanilla Triangle grows more than 80% of the world production of vanilla. Only a few tourists visit this place, even though it certainly deserves more attention. 

Diego Suarez is the lively capital of the North. This bustling coastal city has a unique climate throughout the year with warm temperatures cooled down by a little breeze. 

The North of Madagascar is an amazing region that can easily be extended to the nearby Perfume Island of Nosy Be. 

Pictures tell more than 1000 words, so have a look at our Photo gallery – The North.