The East

The Eastern part of Madagascar is a true paradise for nature lovers. This region is home to a large part of the country’s rainforest.  

The popular National Park of Andasibe, 150km east of the capital, allows you to observe one of the most fascinating animals of the rainforest, the Indri Indri. This lemur produces the second loudest cry of the animal Kingdom. An easy walk in this park guarantees numerous amazing encounters.  

The biodiversity of the East is impressive. A large number of plant and animal species are endemic to this region, which means they can’t be seen anywhere else on earth.  

Adventurous travellers, who want to brave the jungle, can head to the northeastern Masoala peninsula. The largest tropical rainforest of Madagascar can be found here. This region is home to more than 50% of the island’s fauna and flora.  

Visitors preferring alternative routes can explore the “Canal des Pangalanes”. This water canal can be discovered in a dugout canoe and travellers will camp in fisherman’s villages along the river. The evenings are spent around the camp fire enjoying the warmth of an extremely welcoming population.  

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