Pure adventure

From the 37000 miles totalling the road network of Madagascar, about 3600 miles are tarmac roads. The other part varies from drivable throughout the year to rough tracks, only accessible during dry season. 

Leaving the tarred roads of Madagascar means you enter the regions that are less travelled by tourists. On those places, the contact with the local population becomes even more pleasant. 

We think this is the most beautiful surprise of any visit to Madagascar. Travellers who want to meet the people of Madagascar will be charmed by their friendliness and touched by their generosity. 

In all our tours, working with local people is very important to us. During our adventure tours this part becomes even more important.

On beautiful, isolated places, where a closer contact with nature is a must, we offer a well organised and very comfortable camping option. Going on a camping tour with Colourful Nature means you actively participate to the development of a durable tourism in close collaboration with local communities. 

To ensure a perfect camping option, the population of the villages helps us to choose the perfect spot to put our tents. All ingredients, drinks and other products needed are purchased in those villages. Everyone helps to offer the visitor an unforgettable stay. 

If you like to meet people, go to breathtaking places and enjoy the simplicity of nature, Madagascar is your destination.