About Colourful Nature

COLOURFUL NATURE is a Belgian tour operator based in Antananarivo, the capital of Madagascar. We organise tours with an English-speaking personalised service.

Documentation and tour guides:     

Our comprehensive documentation is available in English. Every visitor will receive a detailed description of his tour, his excursions and his accommodation in English.     

We know how important it is to have a guide speaking your own language when coming to a country where everything is new.     

In Madagascar, there are two official languages: Malagasy and French. Therefore we make a special effort finding and training guides who are fluent in English.     

We only work with guides that speak fluent, perfectly understandable English. It is of great importance to us that you get the most out of your journey in Madagascar.   

The little story behind Colourful Nature:     

Ten years ago, the founder of Colourful Nature decided to quit his home country Belgium to start his boy’s dream. He bought a motorbike and shipped it to Cape Town, South Africa.     

To explore a huge continent like Africa, he planned a full year. But apparently one year was not enough…      

During 5 years he explored the wildest regions of Africa discovering the most beautiful natural spots.       

One day he crossed the Mozambican Channel, curious about what Madagascar had to offer.      

Amazed by the beauty and diversity of this island, he started working as a tour guide.      

More than 80 tours later, his enthusiasm for this fabulous destination made him decide to stay.      

A few months later, he created Colourful Nature.     

Colourful Nature in 2011:     

Today, Colourful Nature is a team of young professionals, wanting to share their passion of travelling and exploring new places. The Belgian manager directs the team and teaches them the importance of personalised service.      

As soon as we can, we leave the office to travel around the country in search of undiscovered jewels. Presenting those new places to our next visitors is our ultimate satisfaction.       

We listen to the visitor, combining his wishes and requests to our experience and knowledge of the country to create the perfect “tailor made” journey for each traveller. Respecting your requests, your rhythm and your budget, we will build the right trip for you.     

We noticed more and more visitors have specific requests such as birds, reptiles, amphibians, medicinal plants or orchids. We particularly enjoy those requests and will put everything in place to offer you the best natural sites with the best specialised guides.     

Sustainable tourism:   

Madagascar has a huge touristic potential. Colourful Nature wants to develop this new destination in the right way. We know that tourism always has an impact on the environment and the population of a country. Our goal is to limit this impact and to make sure our activities generate direct economic benefits to the local communities. As much as possible, we will try to develop excursions that will benefit the local economy of the villages we visit.